Top 10 Richest Provinces as of 2017

These provinces have the highest equity and gross domestic product (GDP) according to Philippine Statistics Office.  See if your province is included.

1. CEBU is the biggest province in terms of population and equity outside Metro Manila. It is the center of finance in the Visayas region. Cebu is home to many financial institutions in Visayas.

2. BULACAN is the richest province just outside Metro Manila. It is home to many cottage and industries like fireworks, factories, rice mills granaries, poultry and piggery products, and others. It is very near to Metro Manila that’s why it has no problem selling its products to large markets.

3. PANGASINAN  is Financial Capital of the 21 provinces in Northern Luzon. Tourism, Agriculture, Handicrafts, Fishing, and Salt making, are the major industries that are being done in the province. Also called, The Heartland of the Philippines. Pangasinan is also famous for its bangus products.

4. LAGUNA. Most Economic Zones and manufacturing plants are located in Laguna. It is one of the major employers of the country. It has the highest manufacturing output in the Philippines.

5. BATANGAS. Like Laguna, Batangas is also home to many manufacturing facilities. Additionally, it is the home to biggest oil refineries of major oil companies like Shell, Caltex, Petson, and Phoenix. Batangas is also rich in agriculture and animal products. San Jose Batangas is considered “the egg capital of the Philippines”, while the town of Padre Garcia is considered “the Cattle Capital of the Philippines”

6. NEGROS OCCIDENTAL accounts more than 40% of sugar supply of the country. It is also the province with the most cities. Its capital Bacolod City is also one of the most developed urban cities outside Metro manila. Don’t get fooled by documentaries about poverty in Negros. Bacolod City is selected as the best BPO hub outside Metro Manila, and was named “The Best City to live in the Philippines” four times since 2012.

7. PAMPANGA  is considered an urban province of the Philippines. Rice, tourism and, infrastructure are the main source of income. Pampanga is also knows for frozen foods known as “Pampanga’s Best”.

8. CAVITE  is the extension of Metro Manila in the south. Like Laguna and Batangas, Cavite is home to many manufacturing facilities. Tourism is also one of the main income generators.

9. DAVAO DEL SUR  / Davao City is a highly-developed province. Although the province relies heavily on agriculture, infrastructure and fishing are catching-up. Davao is home to the current Philippine president Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

10. PALAWAN relies heavily on tourism, agriculture, and fishing. Tourism in Palawan is known all over the world. /Sandy Tapia/Note: Articles posted here at are written exclusively for this website only. Contact our site administrator if you want to republish our content.

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