Short of Money: Girl Gives Waiter a BJ as Tip

This may sound satire, but this is really true. When a group of friends decided to order food more than they can afford to pay, at least one girl from the group thinks of something extraordinary to save them from humiliation. Some people will do everything to solve their problem, and this girl is no exception.

The waiter maybe the luckiest guy on earth when, a young girl from the group offered to go down on him to give his tip.

The waiter is actually an employee of Denney’s, one of America’s biggest fastfood chains.

This girl decided to tip the waiter with a BJ because she and her friends had run out of money.

Just look at her!

Even the waiter did not object to it..

It’s unimaginable how they could go like this in public, in front of strangers!

And she is done like nothing happens..

Some people thought she was kidding, but the girl was serious and did the ordeal in front of other customers. /Source:


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