This Little Girl Shocks Both the Hosts and the Audience, Find out Why

We Filipinos are proud parents if our child is alert (bibo), and intelligent, but sometimes too much of this thing means disaster.

A video had gone viral in social media when the netizens reacted as to how the way the little girl answered the hosts of the noon-time show “It’s Showtime”.

Showtime hosts Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda are known to make fun of the contestants, but both hosts and the audience were in awe when the little girl somewhat insulted Vice Ganda.

As shown on the video, she slammed the host, Vice Ganda, when he had compared herself to be as beautiful as Liza Soberano. Definitely, that stint was funny.

Navarro then asked Hafsa Isra, the girl, to compare himself to other celebrity. Isra compared Navarro to Bentong, and Vice Ganda to “a horse”. Her stamen shocked the audience.

Netizens who saw the video were not happy and did not appreciate the joke of the small girl.

Netizens took the joke as an insult to the physical attributes of the artists though the host and the audience laughed at it.

Comments on Youtube are mostly negative.

Watch the video below.

What do you think of the girl’s attitude? Should her parents be more attentive in grooming and breeding her up? /Cathy Sanchez/Note: Articles posted here at are written exclusively for this website only. Contact our site administrator if you want to republish our content.

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