The Most Effective Natural Home Remedy for Influenza

Every person has different immune system. Some will response to medications, while some may not, or may have different effect. When medicines are no longer effective to a certain illness, necessity could lead to a certain discovery. This is what happened when severe type of influenza struck me two years ago.

For two weeks, pain killers and paracetamol were of no help. After several researches online, I discovered a certain formulation of herbal plants that wiped away my suffering.

I was bedridden for 5 days while continuously taking paracetamol and painkillers. My headache was unbearable.

On sixth day, I managed to check online and did some herbal research. Thus, I asked my sister to find the following herbal plants.

  • Lemon grass
  • Oregano
  • Ginger
  • Guava leaves
  • Sambong
  • Artemisia

I told my sister to crush the ginger and mix all ingredients with one gallon water. My sister boiled the mixture.

After boiling and while the heat was bearable, I inhaled the steam, and used the hot water to clean my whole body using a face towel.

I immediately felt relief at night, but I repeated the process the following morning. The following night, I felt total relief. My flu was wiped away.

I suggested the same process to every family member and close friends who suffer the same flue and it was very effective.

Of all the mentioned ingredients, sambong and artemisia are harder to find, but you can still do the mixture with the absence of any of these. The most important among the ingredients are guava leaves, lemon grass, and ginger. But the more complete, the better.

You’ll feel relaxed after cleaning your whole body with the lukewarm solution, even without flue. You can do the same if you feel extremely tired, or stressed.

The solution is also very effective to fight “pasma”. Just always remember to use the solution while still hot. /Felix Sebastian/Note: Articles posted here at are written exclusively for this website only. Contact our site administrator if you want to republish our content.

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