Why this Duterte Photo Could Rake Dozens of Photography Awards

When sports photographer Nat Fien won a Pulitzer Prize for capturing one of the most famous sports photos of all time in 1948, no one would expect that the most poignant image of Babe Ruth will be recognized until today.

One of the most famous sports photographs of all time “No.3 bows out”.

Even Mr. Fien himself did not expect that Ruth image, which he titled “No. 3 bows but” (No. 3 was the jersey number of the legendary baseball player and hall of famer George Herman “Babe” Ruth), will win the most prestigious photography award that year.

Yesterday, May 7, 2017, The Philippine Star published a news story titled “Rody ICC case dead, thanks to Callamard” with an accompanying image of President Rodrigo Duterte posing exactly the same with Babe Ruth’s image that won a Pulitzer Prize for Mr. Fien almost 7 decades ago. The photo below may have captured by one of Philstar’s photographers.

Duterte’s photo has almost the same exact caption of Ruths, “Duterte bows in a gesture of respect to Police in Mindanao”.

Duterte’s most iconic photo. Image credit The Philippine Star

“Photographs like this are one in a million. This might be an accidental shot but it explains a lot. There is unexplained emotion, sincerity, integrity, and many other”, veteran professional travel photographer James Calida told Pinoyobserver.com.

“You can’t see the President’s face, but this image explains a million things. This photo could win a number of photography awards”, Calida added.

“In my 27 years of taking portraits and candid photos, I’ve never encountered something like this. Duterte may leave this world someday, but this image I think will be the most memorable of all his photographs. I suggest people should keep a copy of this picture”, Manolo Fuentebella, another professional photographer who trains young aspiring photographers in Fort Bonifacio said.

“This photo should win several awards for the photographer”, Fuentebella added. /Marty Siason/

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