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We welcome contributions from people who have interest in writing, especially on writing about personal experiences.

Copyright Claim

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Our Editorial Team

Founder and Chairman

Raden A. Payas

Raden is a teacher by profession. As an active blogger since 2002, he created Pinoy Observer originally intended to be a personal blog, but because of the sudden growth of the site, he needed several hands to manage the content.

Chief Editor

Cynthia Q. Nobleza

Cynthia is a Mass Communication graduate and working as DJ in Iloilo City. Raden and Cynthia were classmates in a photography school in Manila on 2015.


John Clark P. Mendoza

John works as software engineer in Makati City. He is a former student of Raden on blogging and Internet Marketing.

Editorial Staff

Carla S. Gomez

Carla is a campus journalist and is currently in her junior year taking BS in Journalism.

Elvira T. Suarez

Elvira is a sophomore in Batangas State University taking-up BS in Industrial Engineering

Marichu B. Zaragoza

Marichu is a career blogger and internet marketer since 2008

Regular Contributors

Ma. Catherine C. Palmares
Wendy B. Aquino

Contact our us if you want to join our team.