40 Generic Filipino Female Names and what they say about Her Personality

Guys beware. Before you pick a girlfriend, be sure to check their personality by knowing first what their names really mean. A quick review of the list below could save you from big headache.

  1. Abigael: Easy to get along with, have sense of humor, and apologetic I know two Abigaels during college and one at work. They have very similar personalities.
  2. Althea: Can’t live without her high school friends, choosy and unapologetic towards guys.
  3. Analyn / Anne : Shy but deep inside, she is burning when gets angry.
  4. Andrea: Chubby, good in singing, strict.
  5. Angel / Angela: Too many boys at young age, getting married early.
  6. Angelica: Very chill. Boys love her. You want to hate her, but you can’t.
  7. Angeline: Has tendency to become bisexual. Curious and fond of exploring many unusual things.
  8. Annabelle: Has low IQ, dull, weak especially with boys. She will do everything to have you.
  9. Annie: Strong personality and have high self-esteem.
  10. Apple: Overly attached girlfriend
  11. Bea: Gets along really well with your parents. Puts “knee sock aficionado” in her social media bios.
  12. Cindy: Acts like she doesn’t have her shit together, definitely has her shit together.
  13. Christine/Cristina: Overly religious
  14. Daisy: Brokenhearted because her boyfriend dumps her.
  15. Danica: Perpetually single because boys are scared of her.
  16. Ella: Loves to be with married men.
  17. Grace / Mary Grace: Talks a lot about her feelings on the internet.
  18. Irene: Has strong sex appeal, beautiful inside out.
  19. Janelle: Miss Philippines material
  20. Jasmine: The worst temper of all time. Has (and will) throw beer bottles if nobody is listening to her.
  21. Jenny: Mixed personality but cool. Your ideal flight stewardess.
  22. Jessa: Demure
  23. Joanne: Boys love her because she loves to explore.
  24. Josephine: Unfaithful and extremely hard to understand. Selfish.
  25. Joy / Mary Joy: Your typical bar girl.
  26. Kimberly: Her parents have really difficulty understanding her.
  27. Kyla: Just wants everyone to know she has a great personality.
  28. Lilibeth: Has hotter sister
  29. Lovely: She will meet another guy when you are not around.
  30. Mariane: Can be easily manipulated.
  31. Maricar: Genuinely beautiful but hard to get.
  32. Mary: Mary who?
  33. Mary Ann: Probably a single mother
  34. Michelle: Has a naturally loud voice.
  35. Nicole: Typical bar girl
  36. Princess: Daddy’s girl
  37. Rica / Erica: Very respectable, really normal. Will become the kindergarten teacher all dads fall in love with.
  38. Rose: Considered her seventeenth birthday to be the most important event of her existence.
  39. Samantha: Will steal your boyfriend and she doesn’t care.
  40. Stephanie: Social climber. Wants to marry a rich guy.

Have you picked your next girlfriend? /Laureen Macapagal/

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